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I’m grateful to my dog for making me walk every day. I was grateful to him yesterday for our walk in the woods. Of course, he doesn’t make me do anything. It’s through my respect for our relationship that I uphold my responsibility to get him exercise. He enjoys walking in the woods and so do I, but it’s unlikely that I would take the time to do it as often as I do if it weren’t for him.  Walking in the woods is good for me, body, mind and soul, so the relationship serves me.

The other day I was listening to an interview with a fellow who goes by the name of Dan Suelo, who renounced the use of money  in 2000. I heard him say that he seeks to emulate the way nature operates. Fruit trees give their fruit freely, without demanding reward, living in the faith that their needs will be provided for.  I feel that my relationship with my dog is an example of this kind of symbiosis.

It’s more complicated, of course.

Sarah The Healer

Sarah Palin is going to turn out to be good for the country. Her galvanization of those people susceptible to her appeal to their base instincts has drawn them into a concentrated mass that will make it easier to purge their infection of the mainstream. Since they were not a…

Health vs. Health Care

It’s about health, not health care. The distinction between these viewpoints tells you everything you need to know about the dysfunction of modern life. It illustrates the conceptual divide between the old and what I had hoped was going to be, the “new politics”.
Health care is the system of keeping workers ambulatory enough to go to work most days, where, for the most part, they contribute to the creation of the very conditions that are making them sick. As long as lost productivity plus the lost fecundity of the earth is less than the profits of industry, the cost benefit of raping the planet is indisputable. Of course, the dazzling advancements in technology have enabled us to vastly increase per capita productivity, so we can afford to keep more people sicker, longer, and at greater profit.
It is not easy to maintain this balance. Enormous intellectual power and ingenuity is applied to the invention of new diseases, convincing people they have those diseases and educating medical professionals to treat those diseases. Notice that I use the word “treat”, not “cure”. Curing illness undermines profitability, so it’s an outcome that should only be pursued with caution. Cures should only be effected to the degree necessary to maintain a sufficient level of credibility with the general public. The rule of thumb is that if a condition will heal on its own, offer a cure. Otherwise, don’t mess with the cash flow of a long-term chronic condition. Fortunately, the industry is powerful enough to amass intellectual power for public relations, which relieves the requirement to actually demonstrate medical efficacy.

the delicacy of the body

The delicacy of the body is masked by its robustness. The body can survive under some pretty harsh conditions. If we are used to more favorable conditions, we will notice the deprivation, otherwise, whatever conditions we’re accustomed to will be normal. When we talk about the environment of the body, the biggest factor is nutrition.
The brain, being the most delicate organ of the body, is the most sensitive to its environment. Our collective failure to make use of most of the power of our brains is legendary. What if that is largely due to nutrition?


The human body has been described by biologists as a colony of individual organisms living in concert like a hive of bees or a colony of ants. We hardly detect the individuality of those organisms, the cells, microbes and tissues that we know collectively as our body. In the same…

What’s funny?

I don’t know what’s funny anymore. The fun has gone out of irony. “No Child Left Behind” was funny. “Mission Accomplished” w/codpiece was funny. But World War III has not been funny since the seventies. Global Warming isn’t funny anymore, especially now that it’s replacing tanning salons as the “natural” way to stay brown year-round. I have to admit that the Supreme Court is still pretty funny. I love the costumes.

The Free Market Delusion

The delusional idea of a free-market economy has to rank among the most insidious canards foisted upon humanity,

First of all, the only thing that happens when the power of elites is unfettered is that they get richer at the expense of everyone else. That was sort of the principle behind the Magna Carta, not to mention the Boston Tea Party, if you’ll recall.

Second of all, the notion of a “friction-free economy” is as plausible as, let us say, purely procreative sexuality. The influence of governance on the economy can be isolated and constrained in just about the same degree that desire is satisfied by conception.

I support the OCCUPY movement