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the delicacy of the body

The delicacy of the body is masked by its robustness. The body can survive under some pretty harsh conditions. If we are used to more favorable conditions, we will notice the deprivation, otherwise, whatever conditions we’re accustomed to will be normal. When we talk about the environment of the body, the biggest factor is nutrition.

The brain, being the most delicate organ of the body, is the most sensitive to its environment. Our collective failure to make use of most of the power of our brains is legendary. What if that is largely due to nutrition?

When we eat, our body engages in a massive effort to use the material in the food to maintain its balance. Nutrients are extracted and distributed to the various organs and to tissues throughout the body. Nutritents that are in short supply must be rationed and those in overabundance stored or excreted. Energy and intelligence are expended in this process and the less balance in the diet, the more energy is required by the digestive system to create a relative balance. This absorbs some energy of the brain that could otherwise be devoted to the evolution of consciousness, and if the nutritional balance is not optimal, it impairs the overall function of the brain. A sub-optimal diet probably keeps us from accessing the more subtle activities of the brain.

When we’re used to eating foods that are highly flavored with salt and sugar, it’s hard for us to detect the more subtle flavor in foods. If we abstain from those strong flavors for a while, the sensitivity of the palate is restored and a whole new world of flavor is revealed in what would heretofore have been considered the plainest of foods. Wouldn’t the subtle subtle activities of our brains likewise become accessible if our diet were more sophisticated?

Our diet is, of course, is the point of our most intimate connection with the earth. All of our food comes from dirt and water. The salt on a potato chip is a compensation for the loss of our capacity to savor the sweetness and purity of fresh water. Our sense of taste is capable of guiding us to selection of food that is matched to the needs of our body to a molecular degree of accuracy. We have surrendered that wisdom to the chemist who thinks that he can hold the teeming intelligence of the body within his ken and micro-manage its activity. We thereby make ourselves in the image of ourselves and surrender our inheritance from God The Ever Expanding Boundary of Our Imagination.

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